Adventures in Violinland

As a violin teacher I struggled finding the perfect way to teach preschoolers. Teaching any young child violin is difficult but preschoolers is extra challenging. Ten years ago I discovered series of books called “Adventures in Violinland ” written and illustrated by Shirley Givens and I fell in love with her approach for teaching little children. Since that time I tried (just out of curiosity) other method books for preschoolers, but I was always coming back to “Adventures in Violinland”.

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There are 24 books in that series. I especially like and use book 1A , 1B, 1C and 1E. My young students love “Adventures in Violinland” and they are excited to come every week for a lesson. There are lots of pictures, fun songs, and the best of all, students can color all of the pages!

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If you are a young teacher looking for the perfect method to teach little ones, you should definitely give it a try. You can purchase all the books at Amazon. 











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