Alpine Professional Violin Mute

DSC_0865I must admit that I was very skeptical and  was not willing to spend over twenty dollars to buy Alpine Professional Mute for many reasons. I have been using Spector mute for years and yes I didn’t love it but this mute was at least sitting strong on my strings and didn’t rattle. Alpine mute was bringing bad memories of many mutes of similar shape and construction that I struggled with in the past.

Nevertheless, my curiosity was stronger and I have decided to buy it.

When I opened the package I smiled a lot! I felt like I just “got engaged”!


I really like the presentation! I spent quite a bit of money so I expect the product to have a nice package. Very original and unexpected!



So here is a big question. Is Alpine Professional Mute worth the money? Yes!  This mute sits beautifully on the strings and does not rattle at all. It gives my violin very nicely muted tone. I also like the depth and the richness of the sound.





They are two versions of the Alpine Mute. The Artist model, created for violin/viola students and the Professional model created for professional violinists and violists.  The professional model has small brass insert that help to achieve warmer sound.

Indeed, this mute does produce warm well balanced sound. It is quite easy to put on, sits very tightly on the strings, but it doesn’t slide on and off the bridge as smoothly as Spector.

I think Alpine mute is ideal for orchestra musicians. You can really hear the difference in sound. This mute will help you to achieve a softer rounded sound.

I strongly recommend it. If you are a professional violinist or violist who is looking for a great mute you should definitely try it.  If you are a student who is struggling with your current mute try Alpine Artist model. Alpine Professional model does cost more money than Artist model or any other mute on the market but I think is well worth it!

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