Andrea Sanctus- Violin Rosin

Andrea rosin is probably one of the most popular rosins in the world, and I am sure that most of the serious strings players tried Andrea rosin at some point in their life. During my college years I used Andrea Solo as well as Tartini, so when I learned that Andrea came out with the new Sanctus version as their tenth anniversary special edition I had to try it.
This rosin is very unique. It combines two different rosin formulas in one cake. I have never seen such a combination before.

The outer section, new harder formula hugs the inner softer section which is updated version of the popular Andrea Solo rosin. Both formulas together help to create very beautiful and clear sound.
I have tried this rosin on different bows and violins and I was able to achieve great results on all of my instruments equipped with different strings.
It seems like in the beginning it was just a little difficult to get to the inner section. My bow was  grabbing the outer part, and it took me quite a few bow swipes to finally get to the center.
I was very pleased with the overall performance. This rosin helps the bow to glide smoothly and enables clear articulation.  It is ideal for virtuosic playing. Powerful projection and excellent bow response  helps to bring a full sound spectrum.
For best results do not use too much rosin, just a few swipes will be enough to achieve the best results.

If you are a fan of Andrea rosins you should definitely try Sanctus. If you have never tried Andrea rosins before that would be a great opportunity to try this new very unique formula.

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