Antonio Gragnani Violin c. 1775

This violin is simply gorgeous! It has original label that reads “Antonius Gragnani, fecit Liburni, anno 1775.”

AG23AG22I fell in love with this violin the very first time I played on it.  It has beautiful, warm projecting sound incredibly well balanced.  I was able to make a very good tone on the G string, playing in the high positions without much effort. Playing on the E string is simply a pleasure. No matter what position you are at, it will response with ease and beautiful clear sound. This gorgeous violin, like most of the old Italian instrument respond very quickly to any dynamic changes and for sure it requires different style of playing then on a modern instrument.



I am especially in love with the back of this violin. It is one piece slab-cut maple with horizontal flames.


The sound holes resemble the model of Nicolo Amati, elegant and flowing.


I also love the fact that Antonio Gragnani put his initials on the back of the violin,  button and table beneath the finger board ( difficult to photograph)

gragnani blog 001

gragnani blog 003

This masterpiece looks and sound amazing. It’s simply fantastic!

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