If you are someone who finds shoulder rests to be uncomfortable, who likes to use a small pad or sponge you will certainly love the ArcRest.
ArcRest will give you just enough support at the same time allowing your shoulder to feel free.
ArcRest is made of a very durable and comfortable foam pad. The complete set includes 4 interchangeable foam pads of different heights and silicone band. Very detailed instructions will give you an idea of how to properly install this rest but you can feel free to position ArcRest anyway you want.
ArcRest will work on most of the violin sizes. I would not recommend to use it on very small violins like 1/16 or 1/8 size. I tried it on my son’s 1/4 size violin and it worked fine. I only had to use the thinnest pad size to accommodate his small neck.

Let me know if anyone tried ArcRest and what do you think about this product. For more information please visit







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