Ascente – Perfect Strings For Any Student

Ascente Strings from D’Addario are perfect companion of any violin student. Available for 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 size violin they won’t break your budget since they cost only around $20.

When you open Ascente strings, you will notice that the entire set is sealed in very well protected pouch.

The tail end of the strings is orange.

Ascente strings are color coordinated on the peg end of each string, and if you look at the front package you will find very helpful color chart.

I was very excited to try Ascente. As a child I remember playing on steel core strings and it was not fun. When I learned that Ascente is made of a synthetic core I was very happy. Synthetic core give a lot more stability, color and helps to create more sophisticated sound. Ascente strings can help students to be more expressive with their playing and finally focus on creating a better, warmer and elegant tone.
Ascentre has very short break-in time. It’s long lasting and very durable and affordable.
Perfect for any student!

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