BAM Hightech Slim Violin Case

BAM l’original is a French company that is specializing in making instrument cases for violin, viola, cello as well as a wind instruments and guitars.  All the cases by this company combine contemporary, modern urban design with innovative, ultra light materials.  BAM offers a wide variety of designs, forms, materials and colors.

About a year ago I have purchased a BAM Hightech Slim Violin Case in color Orangey.

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I own quite a few different violin cases but I was really looking for something light and smaller so I could travel with it. I call this case my “fun to go case.” I was drawn to this color right away.  Makes me smile every time I look at it.  This particular model comes in many different colors.

Outside shell of the case is made of  triple ply structure with full airex / PVC foam core. It is ultra-light weight, extremely rigid and resistance to shocks and temperature changes. This particular model is equipped with a rigid PVC “male/female” seal.  Shaped under the heat, this seal ensures a hermetic closing and contributes to the rigidity of the case when it is closed.

This case feature very comfortable biomaterial side handle

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Subway handle

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Two combinations latches

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Two comfortable neoprene antislip backpack straps with security screws hooks

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The inside of the case features total suspension of the instrument on the injected foam cushions

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Two bow holders

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Removable inside accessories pocket

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After one year of use I must say that this case is very durable.  I have been mainly using it when I travel with the Symphony and store this case in overhead compartments. It fits pretty much everywhere. It does scratch quite easily, so you might consider buying a protective cover. Also the metal screw hooks moves around and scratch the case quite a bit.  There is some kind of protective plastic on them but it doesn’t seems to prevent from scratches.  Handles as well as the backpack straps are extremely comfortable.
It is a cool case. I really love the shape of it and the fact that is very light and comes in variety of colors.  I don’t like the fact that there is no pocket for music and no room for shoulder rest.  I squeeze my shoulder rest into an accessory pocket and keep it open.  There is only a little room left for the rosin.  Even extra set of stings won’t fit into this pocket.

As much as I like the color, shape and modern design of this case I wish BAM would make the inside of the case a little more fancy.  It is quite an expensive case so it would be nice to see better quality design and finishes on the inside.

Overall it is a very nice case.  Great for students, who carry lots of stuff and don’t want extra weight on their shoulder.

If you like light weight case and don’t use bulky shoulder rest you will love that case, but remember you still need to carry extra bag for your music.

You can purchase this model on Amazon

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