Bohemian Violin c.1800

This is a beautiful Bohemian violin from the early 1800.  I was in love with this instrument from the day I saw it.  Since this violin was sitting in closet and wasn’t played on for more than 60 years, it had to be completely restored before I could use it.  The makeover was worth every penny.  This violin is amazing!

The inside label reads: Gio Battista Gabrielli fece in Firenze . The date part is gone.

Well, it is not a real Giovanni Batista Gabrielli violin. I was on a mission to find the real maker and the origin of this instrument.  It was not easy.  I had to do some research and consult a few of the violin specialist.  It was hard to determine who the real maker was but I have learned that this is most likely a Bohemian violin from the early 1800.  Sounds pretty good!

I know, the inside label situation is very confusing and I still hate not knowing who the real maker was, but unfortunately that’s the way it is.

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Bohemia was a region in Czech Republic/ South Germany border.  Many wonderful violin makers lived in that particular region that came from Germany, former Czechoslovakia or even Austria.  Whoever made this violin was definitely a great luthier!


This violin went through a lot. I was very happy that I was able to restore it.  It is just beautiful.  It feels slightly smaller (like Italian violins) which makes quite easy to play on.

It has brown/reddish/ orange finish as well as light patina that suggest this violin was well loved.

I love the curves of this instrument, high arch as well as quite interesting f holes.




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The back of this violin is stunning! I am loving this gorgeous slab cut two piece back.

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The scroll is very handsome. It was quite damaged, but it came out beautiful.




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This violin is simply gorgeous! Its quality and sound place is far beyond compare with other, newer instruments. The G string has a warm, mellow sound and the E is quite brilliant. It does project nicely and it would be perfect to use as a solo as well as an ensemble instrument.

I am very happy that I saved this one of a kind hand crafted fine historic piece.

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