Dampit vs. Humitron Humidifier

Dry air can cause cracking and serious damage to your instrument during the winter season. Everybody should remember to use humidifiers, especially when the humidity falls below 50% during dry weather or central heating periods.

I have decided to put Dampit and Humitron humidifiers to the test.



I used Dampit humidifier long time ago but I was not familiar with Humitron brand.  It looked pretty similar on the website so I was curious to see if there was any difference other than the price.

Dampit humidifier came nicely packaged.


It is very well made. I couldn’t find exactly what is it made of, but it feels like a very nice, soft  to the touch flexible rubber tube with many little holes.  Inside the tube is a yellow water suction stem that absorb the water and then slowly releases moisture, to create the proper humidity.


I like the large rubber disc at the top of the tube.  It prevents from falling into the inside of the violin.


Dampit is quite flexible and smooth, so it is very easy to put it inside the instrument.



The package of the Humitron humidifier it’s quite simple.  According to the information on the package this particular model can be use for violin and viola.


Humitron feels like it is made of the very similar rubbery material but it is not as smooth and neatly done as Dampit. Feels rough to the touch. According to the manufacture, Humitron is made of the finest non-vinyl and non-allergenic resin.  Water suction stem inside the tube absorb water ten times of their weight and then slowly release it through the holes.


The tube of the Humitron humidifier is thinner then the Dampit tube.  Small holes seems to be larger but very roughly cut.

It is easy to insert Humitron inside the violin since it is quite thin and flexible.


I don’t like the rubber disc. It is smaller then the one from Dampit.  It nearly fell inside one of my violins, so I can’t imagine to use it for viola. It will sink inside the instrument for sure. I think it would be better to use Humitron on a smaller size violin like 1/2 or 3/4 since this top rubber disc in not as wide as the one on Dampit.

As I was comparing both humidifiers I noticed that Humitron is slightly longer then Dampit.  You can also notice how thin it is.


Both humidifiers are made in the USA. It is difficult to notice any difference in their performance.  It seems like they both do the job. Dampit is definitely nicer, very well made. Humitron feels a little cheap.

There is a small difference in price.  I personally prefer Dampit but if you are on a budget and as long as the opening of your violin f holes is not big you may want to purchase Humitron and save a little money.


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