Dominant Strings

Dominant are one of the most popular strings in the world used by the students as well as many professional string players.

Thomastik- Infield is a Austrian company that was founded in Vienna in 1919 by Dr. Franz Thomastik and Otto Infeld.  In 1926 the company successfully manufactured the first strings of respectable quality for all string instruments.  After the death of Dr. Thomastik and Otto Infeld, Margaretha Infeld took over the company together with her son Peter Infeld.  Today this company is known for making one of the best stings, and Dominant string – is probably the most – played violin string worldwide.




This widely recognized set of strings is known for distinctive tone, playability, and clear rich sound.  Dominant is made of a multi-strand synthetic core, very flexible and impervious to changes in humidity.

I have recently tested these strings on various violins and I think Dominant sounded great on all of them. I like the warm round rich tone, quick response and beautiful sound.

During my student years I used Dominant strings all the time.  I was constantly traveling between US and Europe with my violin, performing at different places, countries and climates.  Dominant’s were always resistant to any climate and temperature changes.

As a professional violinist I started mixing Dominant’s with different strings.  I really like combining them with Evah Pirazzi. Two of my favorite sets in one – perfect combination!

If you have never tried Dominant and you are looking for a reliable set of great sounding strings look no more.  You can’t go wrong with Dominant, you will love it!


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