Evah Pirazzi vs Evah Pirazzi Gold

Pirastro is one of the best companies in the world that makes an exceptional strings. Originally founded in Italy in 1798 by Giorgio Pirazzi, Pirastro company  became the best known and respected around the world.  After moving from Italy to Frankfurt, Germany  Mr. Pirazzi received an invitation from the Offenbach family to build his first factory on their land. Business was growing quite well so Giorgio Pirazzi invited his friend Theodor Strobel to be his business partner. They combined their first four letters of their names to create the Pirastro brand.

Today Eva Pirazzi, Great-Granddaughter of Giorgio Pirazzi along with her husband is the head of the Pirastro company.

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Evah Pirazzi strings are a synthetic handmade strings. Very intensive and powerful, perfect for symphony violinists as well as a soloists.  I love the rich tone and great projection that I can receive playing on these strings. Evah Pirazzi strings can be used in any environment no matter the degree of humidity or changes of temperature.  Outstanding tuning stability, playability and exceptional response at any dynamic levels is simply amazing. I am especially loving E- gold steel string.  It is more brilliant and powerful then silver steel E.

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Evah Pirazzi Gold, is the newest addition to the string family. It is made of the syntetic multifilament fibre. The set that I chose to test included stainless steel E, aluminium A, silver D and gold G string. There is also an option to choose silver G string. According to the Pirastro company gold G string is suppose to sound more round offering good full tone and the stainless steel E is suppose to create a smooth sound even in a high registers.

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I have been using the original Evah Pirazzi strings for quite a few years and I have been obsessed with these strings. I was extremely excited to learn that Pirastro came up with a new a version of one of my  favorites strings. I spend quite a bit of the time testing new Evah Pirazzi Gold strings on different violins. I used old Italian violins, old Germans as well as modern instruments and I must say that I wasn’t really as impressed as I thought I would be.
Don’t get me wrong! Evah Pirazzi Gold are wonderful strings! but I guess I was just having a very high expectations.

In my opinion both sets have great tuning ability and very short break-in time. Both have a great projection but I think that original Evah Pirazzi Gold E string was more brilliant then stainless steel E from the new set.  On the other hand, stainless steel E sounded better  on a modern violin then on the older ones.  I was not very  impressed with the new gold G string.

It had a nice tone but it didn’t give me this deep sound that I was looking for, and it wasn’t as powerful as I wanted to be. D and A strings in both sets sounded pretty much the same.

So here is a big question. Is it worth to spend money to buy new Evah Pirazzi Gold? Yes, considering the fact that each violin is different you might end up loving it!  Great for solo performances, orchestra as well as a chamber music. You will love the stability and short break in time.  Choosing the right strings also depend what kind of player you are and what kind of sound you are looking for.  You might consider mixing both sets. Just remember one thing, you can’t go wrong with Pirastro!


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