F. Peccatte bow

F. Peccatte was a great master and important french bow maker of the period. Bows made by Peccatte are highly esteemed by fine musicians and leaders of orchestras worldwide. This beautiful Peccatte bow was made in 1850.

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Francois Peccatte, was born in Mirecourt  on March 10, 1821. Even in his very young age, driven by the fame of his brother, he began his apprenticeship as a bowmaker in his hometown and at the end of 1839, when he is  seventeen, he joins him in Paris, in the former Lupot’s workshop recently taken over by Dominique.

He remain in Paris a little longer than a year, where thanks to his brother, he learns the job and refines his style taste. It’s very probable that some bows of this period might have been produced in collaboration.

Francois returns to Mirecourt, opens his own business and on August 23, 1843 he marries Marie-Francoise Mougeot, which in 1850 gives birth to a son: Charles, the future bowmaker.
In 1847 he returns to Mirecourt and starts working with Dominique. His bows, which are very beautiful,  are often mistaken for the work of his better known brother Dominique.

In November 1851 he solds his home in Mirecourt and returns to Paris.

When he arrives in the capital, he does not open his own workshop, but he begins working for J.B.Vuillaume. In addition he still maintain the business relationship with his hometown.
In poor health, Francois died in Paris on October 30, 1855, at the age of 34 years.

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This beautiful bow is very rare and one of the kind. It is made of difficult to find exotic wood. It is quite a light bow – weights  58.5 g. Features round strong stick with excellent flexibility, balance and superb craftsmanship.

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