G. Bernardel Rosin

It’s one of my favorites rosins! It’s mainly used by professionals as well as advanced violin students, but I always recommend this rosin to all of my students, even beginners.

Most of the student outfit violins will come with inexpensive rosins that are in most cases not very good quality and difficult to use. Bernadrel rosin is quite affordable. Average price is about $9, but you can buy one for as low as $6.

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Bernardel Rosin has a beautiful honey/amber color and it comes in navy velvet pouch. It is handmade from natural resin high quality selected pine trees.

Resin powder that is left on the bow hair is very consistent/smooth.  I like the fact that this rosin doesn’t produce much dust but gives me a very good grip to the strings. I get easy response and clear precise tone. I have been using this rosin for a few years now. I have been traveling with it all over US and Europe, and I have never had any problems using this rosin in different climate conditions. Bernardel rosin never disappointed me.



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