How to Hold a Violin Bow

I have received many questions about the proper bow hold position. To be honest with you holding the bow correctly is far more complicated then holding the violin. If you are a beginner violinist you will have to be very patient and pay close attention to the position of your fingers on the bow.  Make sure to keep your fingers always round and relaxed.

The thumb is one of the two most important fingers on the bow. It is suppose to be placed between the edge of the frog and the beginning of the leather pad. You want to make sure to keep it nice and bent. Don’t press your thumb very hard. You are suppose to hold the bow not squeeze.



The index finger is the second most important finder on the bow.  This finger is responsible for distributing the right amount of the pressure to the bow stick. It is suppose to be placed on the top of the bow stick, separately from the rest of the fingers.


Your small finger is suppose to rest on the top of the bow stick (not on the bow screw) and the middle fingers are covering the frog, helping to support the bow and prevent from dropping.



It is normal in the beginning to feel quite a bit of tension in your fingers and wrist. The tension will get away as soon as you put the bow on the strings. You may also feel like you will  drop the bow because of the uncomfortable finger position. Don’t worry just place the bow on the strings. Your fingers will eventually get used to this new position.

Make sure to not squeeze the bow between your fingers. Keep all the fingers curved and relaxed. The palm of your hand should also remain relaxed, soft and rounded.

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