Laubach Gold Violin & Viola Rosin

Laubach Gold Violin & Viola Rosin is one of the best rosins I’ve ever got a chance to test.
This rosin is made by hand in Germany, where is carefully crafted from the highest quality natural ingredients.
It comes beautifully packaged in an elegant rose gold cardboard box with magnetic lid.

One of the most important ingredients of Laubach Gold Rosin is a gold powder. It is not just for show, gold powder used in rosins helps to form a great grip between bow and strings needed for strings players.
When applied on the bow, this beautiful amber colored rosin will help you to produce warm, rich and deep sound without any scratchiness.
Laubach Gold Rosin is silky smooth and powerful, ideally suited to soloists who are looking for extreme precision with the right amount of stickiness. I love the fact that this rosin produces very little dust. It also enables maximized projection and very clear bow articulation.

Reasonable priced, Laubach Gold Rosin will take your performance to the next level. Powerful yet sensitive, perfect for any professional violin and viola player.

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