Louis Bazin violin bow

Louis Bazin is considered the most important bow makers of the Bazin family. Son and successor of Charles Nicolas Bazin II, Louis became one of the best French bow makers.

Born in 1881, Louis learned the skills of bow making from his father with whom he worked until his death in 1907.

This is a beautiful silver mounted violin bow.



DSC_0098 - Copy (2)

DSC_0102 - Copy




Stamped Louis Bazin


I like this bow very much.  It is a great to go bow. Nicely balanced, very comfortable and beautifully made. It weights about 60 grams and features a beautiful brown round pernambuco stick.  This bow is very easy to play. Reacts fast and produces full sound.

It is a great bow if you are trying to enter the world of French bows. You can’t go wrong with the Bazin. Superb craftsmanship and quality at the friendly price.

Thanks for the love...


  1. kypros
    July 2, 2015 / 7:40 am


    I agree with you that this maker is an entry level Fine French bow, but Louis Bazin is not the best maker in the family.
    The first Charles Nicholas Bazin takes the prize of being the Best Bazin of them all and some of his bows are a joy to play and greatly valued among professionals. One has to look hard enough to find one of those sticks though.
    The Bazin workshop was indeed a very busy one, making bows for the trade and as such not all are of a great quality as a lot of workers were turning bows by the thousands.
    I own a C.N. Bazin bow that was made for F.R. Simon after this bow maker died and his widow kept on the business for another 10 years. That bow represents the best of all worlds. Almost as strong as my Sartory and as resilient as an old early 1800’s great French bow. The sound it produces is nothing short of amazing and it does everything one asks from it. Of course I bought it for much less money than the Sartory, but it’s equally good if not better. The F.R. Simon workshop was famous for producing top quality bows and as such, C.N.Bazin had to rise to the occasion as far as craftsmanship and quality of playing is concerned if he wanted to continue selling to that shop.

    • violinista
      July 3, 2015 / 3:22 am

      Thank you for your comment. I believe that both makers: Louis as well as Charles Bazin are good bow makers. Prices for the their bows on the market are comparable. The maximum price for Charles Bazin on the auction is $9,156. For Louis Bazin it is $9,721. Is up to the musician to determine which bow/maker in their opinion is better and why. However if you review the music sources it is noticeable that Louis Bazin is considered the best in his family according to music historians/bow makers.

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