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Enigma case was first introduced in 2003 and was called the ” Crème de Cremona” by Strings Magazine.

According to Mr. Dimitri Musafia himself ” Enigma represent the pinnacle of Musafia case making with the aspiration to be considered the best case in the world, bar none”Who wouldn’t agree with that!. This case is stunning! Queen of all the cases!This 5011L Enigma Leggero case  is lined with finest exclusive Italian silk and velvet designed by Musafia. The main interior color is grey.DSC_0022


Each Musafia case can be personalized. There is a ton of possibilities. Just keep in mind that many features adds quite a bit of the weight to the case.

This particular case include:

1. Musafia Pressure Ports – release excess pressure in the case during hot weather conditions and stabilizes relative humidity levels.
DSC_00132. Bow Tip Cushions: Special bow tip cushions help protect  bows from possible damage in case of impact.DSC_0024

3. Weather Guard

With the WeatherGuard, the lid and the bottom fit together like the closure of a vault. WeatherGuard valance and groove closure increase resistance in case of impact as well as keeping weather out.
blog pic 012

4. Hydrometer and Thermometer

5. DIMUS II™ humidifier
6. SoftTouch™ bow holders

Flexible, rubbery bow spinners that are easier on the bow while still clicking into place, through the spring-loaded Musafia safety feature to help avoid the bow accidentally dropping onto the instrument.DSC_0007

7. Cherrywood burl trim


8. Pillow blanket

This pillow-blanket is lined on both sides in rosin-resistant beige satin, and filled with low-density cotton air padding. Weighing next to nothing, provides optimum protection covering the violin completely. Incredible Soft!

9. Two Pencil holders inside the pocketDSC_0033

Exterior of the case is black with brown leather trim. This case also features enlarged music pocket, brass hardware and comes with two straps. Leather handle is very sturdy and comfortable.


There are also three beautifully lined compartments.DSC_0023 This Enigma also has an extra added feature called Tropicalization™. It’s exclusive thermal insulation which reduces internal temperature excursion by as much as 60% in hot weather and 30% in cold, thus protecting the instrument from abrupt changes in both temperature and relative humidity.If you own an old instrument you should definitely consider adding this feature to your case. This beautiful case comes with Certificate of Authenticity signed by Mr. Dimitri pic 002

Musafia is an investment and will last a lifetime.Before purchasing one you have to be aware of one thing: This is not a light case. This particular model weight about 9 LB. So if you are looking for a light weight case, this one is not for you. You may consider to order Lievissima case. This is the newest and lightest case that Musafia company makes. No matter what case and model you order you can be sure that your instrument will be well protected.Musafia cases are quite expensive. For Enigma model, you can expect to pay around $2000 and up. The more features you add, the higher price will be but don’t let the price scare you. Think about how precious your instrument is. There is no two the same fine violins in the world. Each instrument is unique and one of a kind. If you are lucky to own one of the fine instruments, as a “temporary” owner of that instrument you must protect it. No  matter if your instrument of 10, 100 or 300 years old you have to take a good care of it. Yes there is a lot of cases on the market, and yes they are less expensive but ask yourself a question. Will my instrument be well protected? Mr. Musafia spent years researching, developing, and making cases, why not trust the expert? My very first Musafia case was purchased over 15 years ago and that case was with me everywhere. I traveled a lot, flying between Europe and USA constantly playing concerts, recitals etc. my instrument was safe and cozy! Every time I opened my case I got tones of complements and questions about my limited edition Musafia Liberty Case. Each Musafia case comes with lifetime warranty. You can always send your case to have it restored/repaired/cleaned  or simply trade in for a better one. Musafia customer service is outstanding. You can order your case directly from or any authorized dealer.  I hope you will like my you tube review of this stunning case! I am not a film maker but I tried my best.

Thank you Mr. Musafia for allowing me to share this beautiful video! You are going to love it!

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