Musafia Liberty Violin Case Update

My beloved Musafia Liberty Limited Edition Violin Case has been finally restored!  I am more than happy with the results. This case is very special to me and I am extremely happy to see it in a better shape.  If you have not read my first blog post about this case, this link will take you there

Liberty Case came back from Italy looking brand new. The outside of the case was replaced with Teflon-treated Cordura nylon




I asked for the music pocket to be enlarged.  It is spacious and the lining feels luxurious. I also like the fact that there are 2 pencils holders


The main lock was replaced as well as all the hardware.



New subway handle feels comfortable and nice to touch


The inside of the case didn’t change much since it was in a pretty good condition


Velcro strap was replaced, since the original one wasn’t as strong as it used to be


I have received new Dimus II humidifier


New string tube


New key to the main lock


My blanket also got a face lift.  The bottom part was replaced with the brand new lining


I am very happy that this beautiful case was finally restored after more than 15 years of non stop use.  It looks and feels brand new. There is no other company in the world that will give you a lifetime guarantee on your case and will refurbish/ fix your case. Musafia cases will last a lifetime and protect your instrument like no other cases.

Musafia customer service is outstanding! Lorenzo as well as Mr. Musafia himself were incredibly kind, helpful and professional. Thank you everyone for bringing my case back to life! I am looking forward to use it again!

For more information’s about Musafia cases and how to order one for your violin on viola please visit



  1. kypros
    September 15, 2015 / 6:23 am

    Good work, as expected of the Musafia company.
    One point however. They didn’t replace the bow spinners for the new kind, although they were sending them free of charge to all Musafia owners with cases equipped with the old spinners.

    • violinista
      October 20, 2015 / 2:18 am

      Mr. Musafia wanted to preserve the originality of that case since it is a limited edition case, that is why we have decided to keep all the parts original.

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