Peter Infeld Violin Strings

Peter Infeld strings are one of the most expensive sets of strings on the market. I have been religiously using Evah Pirazzi strings but finally I have decided to go for it and try Peter Infeld. I have been playing on these strings for about 2 months.


I put one set on c.1775 Gragnani violin. This set includes platinum pleated E string and silver wound D string


Another set with Tin E string and Aluminum D string I put on c.1812 Gagliano violin


Finally I mixed Evah Pirazzi G and A string with Peter Infeld D string and Gold pleated E string on c.1696 Testore violin.

DSC_0001 (2)

Playing on all of the violins I was immediately impressed with the incredibly powerful sound. I really like the richness of those strings and after two months of playing they still sound great! I think Peter Infeld are incredible strings. I like the fact that I am able to produce a lot of different dynamics changes. I get very quick response, clearness of sound and wide variety of color. Those strings has a little longer break in time than Evah Pirazzi, so I wouldn’t recommend putting them a few days before concert.

My favorite combination of these strings is the one on Gragnani violin, with Platinum E and Silver D and G string. I really like the powerful and brilliant E string and warmth of the D. The aluminum A string as well as silver G string complements very nicely the rest of the set.

The tin E string on the Gagliano violin was nothing special, but the rest of the set sounded very nice.

Mixing Evah Pirazzi with Peter Infeld worked out pretty well! I was surprised to learn how well both sets complemented each other, but gold pleated Evah Pirazzi in my opinion is much better than gold Peter Infeld E string.

I really do like Peter Infeld and I am pretty sure I will continue using it.  I am also pleased to learn that my violins responded well to all those strings. Now I have an option to use Evah Pirazzi as well as Peter Infeld and know that both sets will sound great!

Keep in mind that Peter Infeld are not for everybody. I would probably don’t recommend to use it if you are a student playing lots of chamber music. I feel like they might be a little too powerful. I did use those strings in the symphony and did not have any problems, but at the same time as a professional violinist I am able to “control” my sound/intensity of playing very easily.

They are quite expensive strings, but if your budget allows I would definitely try it. You might be amazed by the richness, fullness and brilliant tone of those strings especially if you have a dark sounding instrument. Those strings might transform your instrument and take it to a different level!


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