PIRASTRO KorfkerRest

Pirastro recently came out with their first shoulder rests PIRASTRO KorfkerRest and PIRASTRO KorfkerCradle.


I was very happy to purchase PIRASTRO KorfkerRest and try it out! It came beautifully packaged.




With the clear warning…….



This shoulder rest came with extra rubber pads, locking rings, torx key, instructions and carrying pouch.


This beautiful hand crafted and incredibly light shoulder rest is made of the bendable tone wood which can be adjusted to the shape of your shoulder. Yes! isn’t that amazing? you can bend this wood (very carefully) and make precise personal adjustment. You can tilt it, adjust the shape and height.




KorfkerRest comes pre-bend to a shape that has proven to be comfortable for many players. I personally had to only adjust the left side to fit my shoulder much better.




It is not a complicated process but you need to be very careful. You will find all the instructions on how to do it in the manual.

The good thing is that you have recently purchased a KorfkerRest you don’t need to harden it in the oven any more.  The property of the wood have been fine- tuned in result of what hardening process is unnecessary.  Most of the violinists that I know didn’t even harden the wood in the first place and are very happy with this shoulder rest.

What I love about this shoulder rest is the fact that is incredibly light, feels super comfortable and most importantly doesn’t slip off my shoulder at all! This is incredibly well made shoulder rest that is complementing the beauty of the violin.

If you are a violin player who has a long neck, neck pain/neck problems you should definitely try this out. I think this shoulder rest might help you to feel more comfortable and get rid of your pain since can be fully adjusted.

KorfkerRest is quite expensive, and not always easy available since it is hand made. You may want to put your name on the waiting list. I think it is definitely worth to try!


Thanks for the love...


  1. Mireia
    August 19, 2015 / 11:03 am

    I have just bought this shoulder rest because I use to suffer back pain and I’ve never been totally comfortable with my old shoulder rests. I’ve been trying for 2 days and I can’t find a good position, maybe it’s because I’m quite impatient. Was it easy for you to find the position? I think I will have to bend it to adjust it to my shoulder, as you did, because for me is too much curved, but I’m scary about it, because it was really difficult for me to readjust the legs when i first move them and If the bending is permanent…I don’t know what to do. I only want to know if it was difficult for you to find the position.

    • violinista
      August 27, 2015 / 2:35 pm

      Don’t be scared to adjust it.That’s the point.You need to make this shoulder rest work for you. Read the instructions carefully and adjust. You need to feel comfortable.

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