Principles of Violin Playing & Teaching by Ivan Galamian

DSC_0002 There is no golden rule when it comes to teaching violin. There isn’t just one method or way of teaching, and to be a great teacher it means to be able to adjust and accommodate each student.  I have been teaching violin for more than 15 years, and I do realize that teacher needs to be flexible and understandable. There is no two the same students, and I never teach all of my students exactly the same.  I have to approach each of them differently but ultimately they are all reaching the same goal, the goal of being a great violin player!

I have recently picked up Ivan Galamian’s book “Principles of Violin Playing & Teaching.” I don’t know why it took me so long to buy it! This book is a “bible” for all violinists/violin teachers. Everybody should have this book in their collection. Ivan Galamian was known as one of the best violin pedagogues in the world. He devoted his life to students and established very practical method of violin teaching. Itzak Perlman wrote: “Ivan Galamian was a virtuoso teacher whose system of teaching was both ingenious and logical.”

In his book, Galamian talk about technique, interpretation, the left and right hand, and talk about practicing.  I especially like the chapter that is addressed to all violin teachers.  There is so many bad/accidental violin teachers that often are lost and don’t know how to teach and deal with the student. There is also a lot of amazing concert violinists who unfortunately can’t and shouldn’t teach.



You can’t learn how to play a violin just by reading this book, but if you are a violin student this book will help you a lot.  Even if you are quite establish violin teacher you will find a lot of useful information’s/suggestions, and answers to many problems.

If you are a beginner teacher this book will be a perfect guide, and will help you to develop your own good style and method of teaching.

This book is a great reference book for all the teachers and violin students and everybody in my opinion should have one in their library.

Happy reading!

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