Raffaele and Antonio Gagliano Violin c.1812

The Gagliano family was one of the Italy’s longest-standing violin making dynasties. Located in Naples, they ran their successful shop for about 200 years. Each maker in the Gagliano family had his own style and character. From the beginning of 18th to the second half of the 19th century Neapolitan masters – the Gaglianos achieved a big success and produced a great number of violin violas and cellos to answer a constant demand for those instruments.

This beautiful violin was made by Raffaele and Antonio Gagliano in 1812. The label inside the violin reads : Raffaele- Antonio Gagliano, Quodam Giovanni Napoli, 1812.


Raffaele and Antonio were the sons of Giovanni Gagliano (whose name is always preserved on their labels ) and the grandsons of Nicolo Gagliano.  They worked together but many times their work differs in details. Deep red/reddish -brown varnish of this violin is characteristic of Raffaele work.


gag 7

gag 6

gag 5

Antonio’s f- holes are accurately cut but his scrolls are less perfect than those of Raffaele.


The top of this violin is made of the excellent selection of the pine tree.

gag f holes 2

Very characteristic feature of Raffaele and Antonio Gagliano scrolls is the arrangement of the pegs in the pegbox. The two outer strings are separated from the inner two, sensibly allowing more space for the fingers to adjust them.



gagliano 1


The back is formed by one piece of plain maple with broad grain.


The tone of this violin is remarkable. It plays wonderfully. I love the deep sound of the G string. It is a wonderful instrument in a great condition.

Gaglianos were an amazing makers. Some of course are better than others, but if you ever get a chance to play on Gagliano violins you won’t be disappointed.

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