Uomo di Vitruvio – Italian Rosin

During my recent trip to Poland I had a chance to visit quite famous Henglewski violin store, located in the beautiful city of Poznań. As I was strolling around, I came across Bogaro & Clemente Uomo di Vitruvio violin rosin. This rosin is a lot different than your ordinary violin rosin. Beautiful wooden looking rectangular box with magnetic closure, imprinted with Leonardo Da Vinci Vitruvian Man include not one but two rosins – light and dark.

I have been using this rosin for a few weeks and I am quite impressed with the good quality and craftsmanship. Both rosins will be suitable for different temperatures and humidity. I prefer a lighter rosin cake. I feel like it gave me a better tone and smoothness.

I am happy to report that both rosins are not too dusty and have a perfect amount of stickiness.
Bogaro & Clemente rosins are hand made in Italy. They come in many shapes and finishes. Getting on of their rosin would make a perfect gift for any violinist, violist or cellist.

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