As a concert violinist I use mutes all the time. I probably used at least 10 different types of the mutes in the past but nothing amazed me like WMutes.

I have been testing both mutes for quite some time and I am simply amazed by the high quality, design, craftsmanship and the originality of this product.

Lets talk about Practice Mute first.

I am sure we are all familiar with the super heavy and dangerous to use metal practice mute or the ordinary rubber mute. Well, WMutes practice mute is completely different.

This mute creates the most sophisticated, crisp and focus sound. All of my instruments (new and old ) reacted extremely well to this mute and I was amazed by the high quality and clearness of my sound.

WMutes Practice Mute is made of refined bronze and is plated with 24k gold. You can also pick one made in silver or ruthenium.

The inner surface of this mute is cover with a cork material so it will not damage your bridge.

If you are someone who often use practice mutes and does not want to sacrifice a quality of your sound you might consider investing in WMutes practice mute.

WMutes Concert Mute completely surprised me! I did not expect this to be so tiny, but don’t let the size fool you. WMutes Concert Mute is a small wonder that will allow your instrument to sound soft but at the same time clear, crisp and focus. Using this mute is a real pleasure. You will be surprised how much more focus, clear, warm and sophisticated sound you can achieve using this gem.

I love the slim design of this mute. Like a practice mute WMutes Concert Mute is made of the same materials but instead of the cork, the inner surface is covered with velvet.

Simply clip it onto your bridge for a beautiful muted sound. When not in use all you need to do is to clip it onto any string above the tailpiece. Don’t worry I tested mine on every single string and this mute did not alter my sound or created any unnecessary vibrations of my violin.


All WMutes are hand crafted in Barcelona, Spain. They are available for violin, viola and cello and can be engraved with your name or initials.
You can visit their website for more information https://wmutes.com/

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